Our distinguished team of medical translators, proof-readers, reviewers and editors are specialized in a wide range of topics within the medical sector. All have extensive experience in their respective subject matter.

We can translate your documents in the following specialist fields of medicine in all language combinations we offer:

Anatomy, Anaesthesiology, Dentistry, Dermatology, Diseases of the ears, nose, and throat, Emergency medicine, Gastroenterology, General medicine, Gynaecology and obstetrics, Haematology, Human genetics, Hygiene and environmental medicine, Immunology, Internal medicine, Laboratory medicine, Legal medicine, Maxillofacial surgery, Medical biochemistry, Microbiology, virology and infectious epidemiology, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Nuclear medicine, Occupational medicine, Oncology, Ophthalmology, Osteopathy, Pathology, Paediatrics, Pharmacology, Physical and rehabilitative medicine, physiology, psychiatry and psychotherapy, psychosomatic medicine, public health, radiology, radiotherapy, reproductive medicine, surgery, transfusion medicine, urology.

Our language experts are carefully selected to meet your requirements, and all have a solid professional background in medical translation and have successfully been through our strict selection process.

Here are some examples of files we have been working on:

  • Labeling and IFU (Instructions for Use)
  • Informed Consents
  • Cognitive debriefings for Clinical Trials
  • Study Protocols for Clinical Trials
  • Patient Information Leaflets
  • Instructions for Discharge
  • Medical Authorities Regulations
  • Drug Formularies
  • Medical Devices’ Software Localization
  • Virtual Libraries about medicine
  • Associations’ Website Content related to the medical field
  • Educational Materials about medical subjects
  • Users Manuals of medical products and devices

At ProMosaik, we believe that accurate medical translations services are crucial to the Life Sciences industries. For this reason, we guarantee the quality and accuracy of our translations by selecting the best linguists in all language pairs and integrating the Quality Assurance department at the heart of our procedures.

As required by many companies we are also able to provide the following services for your medical translations: certified translations and back translations.

Despite taking extra time, the back translation as performed by ProMosaik Translation is an extraordinary mean to avoid any kind of errors in the original translation which is back-translated by an independent translator.

We can also offer you a review according to the quality standard UNI-EN 15038:2016 offered by our branch in Bern, Switzerland. See here for further information.

We treat your personal data and information as strictly confidential. If required, we can also sign a separate Non-Disclosure-Agreement with your company.

Get in touch with our team for all questions you may have! We will offer you our support and consultancy at any time.