UNE-EN 15038

ProMosaik MBC Toronto offers translation services in accordance with the quality standard UNE-EN 15038:2006, i.e. in line with the European standard for translation service providers (TSP).

Many clients from Switzerland, but also from other European and extra-European countries opt for this service because they would like to publish their documents and require an optimised version of the translation, reviewed by a second translator, or because they would like to send an absolutely correct and perfect contract, patent or technical report which is also stylistically impeccable to their business partners and clients. Others contact us to perform a translation in accordance with the quality standard UNE-EN 15038:2006 and ask us to confirm this in writing if, for example, they have their medical findings, study certificates or research documents translated by us.

This European quality standard, requiring a translation based on the so-called “dual control principle”, ‘covers the core translation process and all other related aspects involved in providing the service, including quality assurance and traceability.’

In addition, it determines and defines the requirements for the translation service provider (TSP) with regard to human and technical resources, quality control, project management, contractual conditions for customers and service providers, and the procedure concerning the  for providing the service.

The standard UNE-EN 15038 was adopted by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) on 13 April 2006 and officially announced in May 2006. CEN members are the national standards bodies of Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy (UNI-EN-15038:2006), Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain (UNE-EN:15038:2006), Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom (BS-EN-15038:2006). 

However, this standard not only specifies the necessity of editing and proofreading each translation by a second translator, but also determines the professional competences required for the persons involved in the translation process. These are translators, reviewers, revisers and specialist proofreaders.

Any translation service in accordance with UNE-EN 15038 must include as a minimum, the translation by the first translator and the review by a second, independent translator. However, the review by the second translator does not skip over the revision of the translation by the first translator after its completion.

The standard UNE-EN 15038 defines the review as “examining a translation for its suitability for the agreed purpose, and respect for the conventions of the domain to which it belongs and recommending corrective measures”.

Translators who take part in translation projects under UNE-EN 15038:2006 must demonstrate the professional competences specified in the standard by meeting at least one of the following three requirements:

  • Advanced translation studies (recognised qualification),
  • Equivalent qualification in another specialisation plus a minimum of two years documented experience in translation and
  • At least five years of documented professional experience in translation.

In addition to complying with one of the above three requirements, reviewers must have translation experience of the subject in question. 
At ProMosaik MBC Toronto, all translators meet at least two of the requirements according to the standard UNE-EN 15038.

Feel free to get in touch with us to send us your request. We are at your disposal to offer you our support!

You can also order one of the two phases of the translation process according to UNE-EN 15038, i.e. either the first translation or the review.