Why Choose Us ?

Translation is a work of art

Medical translation services are some of the most important when it concerns translation accuracy and industry knowledge. One small error in a translation of medical device documents and instructions, pharmaceutical information, medical software documentation, and the like – can potentially have huge consequences. There are several examples of facilities and medical professionals who made translation errors on imported medical device inserts and instructions, resulting in horrendous ramifications where patients were adversely affected. The quickest, easiest or cheapest method of medical translation should never be the priority for selecting a medical document translation provider.

It is extremely important for all medical document translations to undergo thorough quality assurance. We offer assistance with medical translation quality assurance, whether through multiple stages of proofreading, or by aiding our clients with a panel or focus group testing. We take all medical translation projects very seriously, and extend services that go beyond the document and language translation processes. When there are extra steps that are needed to ensure medical translation accuracy, please send us an email to info@promosaik-mbc.com, with full details and information about your needs and we’ll do our best to assist you.

By working with talented professionals, we can ensure the highest quality service to you and your company.